Monday, June 23, 2008

Waveland Beach Day

Today, I took the family for a day at the beach in Waveland. First of all, Kudos to the residents of Waveland. It seems progress is being made on recovering. We noted lots of new houses, many businesses open and life slowly getting back to normal.

We found a nice spot to swim with a little pool of water where the kids spent a lot of time trying to catch minnows with their buckets - no luck though!

The water was relatively clear and shallow as usual so even the littlest had a blast!

The breeze was great and the heat wasn't too bad so it made for a nice day. We stayed until 6pm. Then we had dinner at Los Tres Amigos. After dinner we crossed the new bridge over Bay St. Louis and took a drive along the ocean to Gulfport where we hit the Dairy Queen before the drive home.

Arrived home after 9pm. Baths all around! Can you say Sand?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You have one hot sister-in-law!! LOL
WE had so much fun!!! My daugher had a blast with her cousin's and her Auntie!!

mimosa momma said...

Hey! No trip with ya'll to the beach didn't get a picture!!

Lanny said...

Ahhh, Waveland! We USED to have a summer house in Waveland. I spent so many summers there. It was heavenly. No more house. Thanks to Katrina, it looks like somebody tossed a matchbox in the air. I can't even bring myself to head back in that direction. I'd rather remember it the way I do. I'm glad to hear things are turning around though.