Saturday, August 16, 2008

So how'd the first day go?

Well, the first day of kindergarten was a success! We waited for sissy at the bus stop. Even her friend and his mom were there to greet her! She got off the bus gleaming! She exclaimed that the bus was "so fun!"

She told me all about how cool the cafeteria was and how you raise your hand if you need help opening a milk or juice carton. She said they went to the playground 3 times that day! She tried to describe her new friends but couldn't remember all their names. She said they went to the gym and the library. Sounds like they did a tour of the school.

Later, at bedtime, she confessed that she cried a little bit at school. One time was in the gym because it reminded her of her preschool and then she thought of me and missed me. The other was when she had to get on the bus. She said she got scared and her new classmate who also rides her bus hugged her and said it would be ok. Her teacher put her on the bus and told her to sit with her new classmate. She did. I asked how the ride went after that. She said they laughed a lot but put their hands over their mouths so they wouldn't be loud and get in trouble.

Overall, she seemed excited about the whole experience. Brother was happy that "Sissy Home". The two of them played together nicely until bedtime. I think they missed each other.


Anonymous said...

They grow too fast!!! :(

Queen Sarah said...

Oh how sweet! I was just remembering my own kids' first day of kindergarten. My neighbor's youngest started at the same time as my oldest. She took their picture getting on the bus, and then drove in her car to the school, where she took a picture getting off the bus! I always took a picture of them getting on the school bus ~ every year ~ until about 3rd or 4th grade, when they wouldn't let me do it anymore. They are now 22 and 21, and they'd probably let me take their picture again now, if I asked. :-)

~from a fellow non-flosser