Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Own Political Poll

I get so sick of hearing about all these polls. Especially since no one is polling me or anyone I know for that matter. Well, except my brother. But he lives in Ohio and I bet you can guess why they keep bugging him.

Anyway, this poll says one is leading. That poll says the other is leading. Who to believe?

I was out walking the neighborhood yesterday and started noting how many of each candidate's sign I would see in the yards. There aren't very many so it was easy to count and keep track. I think I saw 4 total. Then, I started thinking in my head who personally I knew was voting for which candidate. I couldn't keep track of the numbers in my head so when I got home I opened microsoft word and made a list under each candidates name.

I included the neighbors with signs in their yards. People I know from blogging, twittering, facebook and myspace who have made it publicly known who they are voting for. Anyone in my life - friend, family or acquaintance - that has shared with me who they are voting for. I only included spouses if the person specifically told me whom their spouse was voting for. I did not assume the spouse was voting the same. If you wish to share with me privately who you are voting for I will check my list and see if I already have counted your vote and if not I will include you to my tally! So check back periodically for updates on the numbers! (Don't assume these people are all from Louisiana. I have included people from MA, OH, FL, NC, GA, CO, MI, CA and more!)

So here are my results so far:

158 total people (UPDATED: WED Oct 28th 5:15pm)

66 for McCain
88 for Obama
1 Ron Paul
2 Not voting - dislikes all candidates
1 Not voting for McCain or Obama - unsure who though.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has emailed me with your vote! I have added 112 new votes since the original post!


Jennifer said...

I admit, I am Republican and usually vote party lines! :)) I'm not posting my view on my own blog--it's not controversial this year. I am raedy for the election to end!

SoMo said...

Did you include my husband's vote? He is GapOneEnt on Twitter. I don't have to tell you who he is voting for. I think the only people who don't know are those without ears or can't read.

Krista said...

not counting yard signs or car placards, going strictly by people I KNOW and have had conversations with (about this campaign... not just politics in general), I came up with 65 Obama and 8 McCain. Seriously. Now, I know that I am SURROUNDED by McCain supporters, and a lot of them know that I'm an Obama supporter, and perhaps have just chosen to never have the conversation with me. But all my theatre friends, most of my college friends, tons of pastors, the majority of my family, every military wife I KNOW except one....Obama.

Bayou Belle said...

Thank you Krista. Since you are my friend I and therefore part of my world I have included your numbers of your extended world as well - I know you are being honest.

Funny how we are friends but the people we are surrounded by feels the exact opposite in this election.

Kelly said...

Did you get me? I'm an Obama Mama! And so is my sister. I think my hubby is voting Obama, but he may just be trying to avoid divorce proceedings. Otherwise I, of course, am surrounded by McCain supporters! LOL