Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What would you do?

I am listening to an Oprah rerun on tv and they are showing social experiments where they hire actors to do something in public that causes passersby to either react or not. Just to see what people would do. For instance they have a couple argue in public and the male gets physically abusive. For 5 hours people passed by until finally one woman stepped in. (A few people told them to take it elsewhere! Like the privacy of their home! OMG!)

But the one that got me was the experiment where a mom and her two little girls were about to get in a car along the street in a shopping area and the mom (actress) was pretending to be drunk. Thankfully, people stepped in immediately and took her keys. But it reminds me of a recent trip to the French Quarter. We were waiting for valet at the Ritz-Carlton and there was this woman standing (er . . . well . . . trying to stand there) with her male date/partner/hubby whatever - whom seemed to be more steady than she. She was so obviously drunk! The valet brought there car and she got in the driver's seat and drove them off! I about died right there. I was loudly objecting. In fact, when she was getting in I said to the valet, "Surely, she is not driving?" He just looked at me. I was so angry! I was in such shock I didn't think to the get license and car description so I could have called 911 and given them the info and which way they were heading. I couldn't stop talking about it the whole ride home. I kept thinking about whom she might hurt on the road. What if it was me? Or me with my kids? Anyone! I kicked myself all night and to this day for not thinking on my feet faster!

I remember someone else stepping in once in a similar situation. It was my first job at age 16. I worked at a restaurant. A woman arrived very drunk with her kids. The waitress would not let her leave and called the police. It was a real scene and the woman pitched a fit, but I just remember thinking that waitress may have saved the lives of those two kids.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Women's Consignment Sale

The northshore always has two great children's consignment sales twice a year. One of the companies is having a Women's Consignment Sale at the end of May. Same concept, just women's clothing and accessories. So if you are interested in consigning or shopping go to:

Snake advice

In addition to squirrels we have had a snake in the yard. A friend sent me this advice and I thought I would share:

"I've gotten since we moved here and have a creek to the left of the property and a lake behind us. CRUSHED MOTH BALLS, you don't have to crush them much just stomp them and spread around the exterior of your hard, they WILL NOT cross it, something about the smell?? Don't know but I USED to see 6-8 footers on a regular basis and I HATE SNAKES then our lawn guy told me this trick and we re-apply every 2 or 3 months. They make something called snake away but it's just crushed moth balls and it's a lot more than moth balls. We put it on the outside of the fence line so that Jake stays out of them for safety reasons."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cultivating Friends

Thursday night was Mom's Night Out again. This time we spent our valuable time at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar & Restaurant on Girod in Mandeville. Again, our time together was great as usual!

However, as I reflected on the my evening the next day with my hubby I said that I just realized that I was the only blonde at that table and actually, I was the only one not "from here". Meaning I was the only one sitting at that table who is not from the Greater New Orleans area (as far as I know - hence the dark hair of all my fellow diners!) I am pretty sure all the ladies grew up here. I know most are relocated from the southshore. We even talked about private schools they attended on Thursday night.

So I tell my husband that I find that insteresting how I have found a great group of friends who are all from here. Previously, my group of friends were all transplants who have all since moved away (for one reason or another) and here I remain.

As I said before, I, unofficially, am the coordinator of our small group of women. My hubby said something that I think is very true. He said that because I am not from here and don't have family here to fall back on I cultivate my own friends. And when I find people I enjoy having in my life and find positive I hold on to them. Therefore, I cultivate my own friends.

Ladies, I say this all the time. I love hanging out with you. I am glad we are becoming more and more of a support group for each other. I just hope we can remain this close when the kids go to Kindergarten!

Cheers to great lady friends!

P.S. Squirrel #3 has been captured. Squirrel boy says that we should no longer have any more problems Let's hope not! I need my phone line repaired now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Operation Good Neighbor Update

Update to post Operation Good Neighbor:

"The response has been wonderful. Tony received several boxes already and more is on the way. The POC for the project has sent us a list of other items that are needed. I want to thank everyone that has sent a box, forwarded messages, posted blogs, and other ways that have helped.

Thank you again for all of your help. Monica"

Below is the list of items requested.
* Vaseline
* Adult and Children's Vitamins
* Liquid Children's Tylenol
* Diaper Rash Crème
* Diapers
* Scabies Crème
* Allergenic Eye Drops
* Triple - N - Ointment
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Benadryl Liquid and tabs
* Lice Medication
* Augmentin
* Amoxicillin Tab
* Hydrogen Peroxide
* Cough Medicines
* Infant Tylenol drops
* Adult Tylenol
* Adult & Children's common cold meds
* Hydrocortisone
* Triple Anti-biotic ointment
* Benadryl-cream & liquid
* Pepto-Bismol tablets & liquid
* Liquid Multi-Vitamin infant drops
* Children's & Adult Multi-Vitamins
* Diabetes meds
* Glucose monitors
* Simalac baby formula & baby bottles???
* Orthopedic bandages
* kerlex wraps
* Adult and children's Ibuprophen
* Adult and children's Tylenol
* Rubbing alcohol
* Peroxide
* Cold & flu meds
* Band-aids & bandages
* Cotton balls
* Male and female hygiene products...bath soup, shampoo & conditioner
* Disposable razors
* Shaving cream
* Dental items...tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, Listerine
* Blankets & pillows
* Can foods
* Rice
* Cooking oil
* Flour
* Sugar

Because of the sensitive nature of the culture, these are the items needed.

Monday, April 21, 2008


My hubby, my brother and I have a joke about "free spooling!". Long story. So here is my "free spewing" post.

We finally captured the THIRD squirrel in our attic. Damn squirrel boy left the second one in the no kill trap so long it died in there. Then, he sets this one for the third guy and doesn't even bother to replenish the peanut butter. A couple days of no third squirrel and yours truly gets fed up knowing he is still up there (because I can hear him) I slap some peanut butter on the outside of the trap myself and within 5 hours I GOT HIM! I am asking for a discount due to lack of effort. Squirrel boy is not cheap . . . so My Boy is starting to talk lot more. He can say ice cream pretty clearly now and he can also eat it very quickly as well. He loves the stuff! But hates the gym daycare. Screamed quite a while tonight while I took BODYFLOW, my most favorite class . . . My boy also likes to skin his knees. He runs so damn fast on concrete and then wipes out. He has one grey front tooth from his fall from the top of the toy box to the hardwood floor and now I noticed his other tooth is chipped. I can only think it was from his double trip up at the Mandeville park. Two days in a row. Same spot on the playground. Both knees bleeding both times . . . I need to start carrying my first aid kit in my car again . . . got my flight home to Ohio for this summer. Damn, flights are so expensive now! Along with everything else . . . due to the gas of course . . . I used to fly home for $170 direct flight. Now, it was $319. At least my boy can still go free. Also, Northwest changed their "miles" program and I can't get the direct flight anymore for 25000 miles. I need 50000 now. I can get a free ticket if I want to leave at 5:30am and stop twice and travel 8 hours. Are you kidding? Not with two kids in tow . . . weather here has been incredible. . . i still hate all my insurance companies . . . trying to take more care of myself. I saw that 10 years younger show the other day and decided i can't let myself go anymore. I will be 34 this summer. I am hitting the gym again, whitening my teeth with some killer whitening sample my hubby scored at a industry convention, and trying to do mini facials at home when I can. Gotta keep on top of those wrinkles. Yet, I know very little about that crap. I just go with all the clinique samples I have in my vanity. I figure anything is better than nothing. I was using that expensive Green Cream for awhile and am almost out and probably won't buy more at $45 a pop! That was back in the days when I could afford that . . . gotta get some real work done while the kids sleep. Later.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Gumbo Week

Sunday - Return home late from Ohio. I want to know who was the brilliant marketing person at United who thought of that retarded "Red Carpet Boarding" for elite members? Seriously, do you think those damn people really care about crossing your stupid red mat? Come on people! Let's get past this stupid seperation of travelers. Let's face it. Some travel more than others. Do we really need to walk on seperate mats to board because of it? Oh yeah. Have a squirrel living in attic.

Monday - Hell if I can remember what I did. Probably recovering from traveling all day Sunday: Detroit to Chicago. Chicago to DC. DC to New Orleans. I know I didn't unpack because my suitcase is still sitting in my bedroom packed as I write this. Home phone won't work. Call to get squirrel out of attic.

Tuesday - My girl's first "real" dental visit. She was scared to death but didn't show it when we got there and made her momma proud. She said, "I could go there anytime!" after we left. No cavities. Took her to Chick-Fil-A after. Ended up seeing friends there. They had to go to Wal-Mart after and so did we. That was interesting shopping together. Internet at home is fading fast. No squirrel caught yet.

Wednesday - Again, who the hell knows what I did during the day. I vaguely remember having something important to do. Choir at church for My Girl. Cheap Wednesday night dinner at the church after. POPEYE's CHICKEN! Whooeee! Couldn't miss that one! Whole family eats for $14 - meal, salad, drinks, dessert! Still trying to get that squirrel.

Thursday - Again, I think I did something. 4:30pm Kelly calls to go out on their sailboat since it was so nice. We quickly pack up and fly over to Madisonville. Take a boat ride up and down the Tchefuncte. Belly up to the Tchefuncte beach and the kids have a blast in the sand and water. Lose the dingy. Retrieve it and head back. Get home around 8pm. Guy finally gets squirrel - $165!. Still no phone and barely have internet access.

Friday - Coffee with school moms. Noon preschool pickup. Friend over till 3:30pm after school for lunch and swimming. Naps. Quick dinner and off to the Mandeville Trailhead for Friday Night Free Music. Great fun! Danced with kids and friends. Home late. Kids right to bed. Hubby and I sat outside in the perfect weather and just talked until 12:30am. Hear a second squirrel in the attic when go to bed.

Saturday - Phone guy shows up. Discovers the squirrel(s) chewed through our phone line - $95! Will come back to repair after we get the second squirrel. Squirrel boy comes on Monday to try to get this one - This time it will be $340 because have to try different method since they think there may be more than just one left. Successes: got a bathing suit and folded and put away about 7 loads of laundry!

FINAL NOTE: Oh yeah. Got our tax return this week. It's all going to the squirrels.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Operation Good Neighbor

Mybayouvieux readers,
I received this today from a friend and thought it was important enough to share!

Hello All,
I know I've been out of touch with some of you, but this is a great reason to touch base with everyone, plus ask for a favor.

When an Iraqian joins the Iraqian military, their families immediately becomes in danger. The terrorist groups find the families and kill them. They use this tactic to deterr people from joining the military. When a man does join the military, their government quickly moves the family into a protected camp. Think about this, you or your spouse takes a job and suddenly you must move to a camp to be protected. . .

Tony is deployed to Iraq. He's smack dab in the middle of things, but he's loving every minute. He knows what he is doing is for our protection, for our freedom, and for our futures.

While he's there, he has joined another operation called "Good Neighbor." It's a group of American soldiers that go to the camps that house the Iraq families to bring them supplies. Tony is trying to arrange to forward me some of the photos taken of these camps. I will forward them as soon as I get them. He said their living conditions is extremely heart wrenching. Our soldiers take items over that will help improve their quality of life. Besides the rewarding feeling of doing something good for someone else, our soldiers benefit from these acts of kindness. Iraqies are more apt to join if they know their families are being taken care of. The more Iraq soldiers they have, the sooner they can take over, and our heros can come home.

Here's the favor. The family's have nothing. He said they don't have shoes, clothes, toy, or regular day to day items. I'm asking that you take a small box (a shoe box) and put in a few items. Maybe a few pieces of clothing your child has out grown, a shirt you don't wear anymore, a blanket, some little toys that your kids don't want, a ball, even little toys that you get from the happy meals at a fast food restuarant, just what ever you want. Even the littlest of something is something more than what they have now and they are very greatful when the soldiers offer them the items. The families know it's items sent to them from American homes, it's not a government hand out. It's our family to their family. So, if you can please mail off a little package by the end of this month. Tony will make sure it makes someone very happy.

Mail it to (no rank listed for security reasons)
Anthony Lee
APO AE 09321

Thank you!! I know it's a lot to ask especially when our daily lives are already filled with so much to do that adding another little errand is a lot to ask. I thank you, Tony thanks you, and those families thank you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Behind the Mahogany

This past weekend I flew home by myself for a short weekend to attend my grandmother's memorial service. It was nice to visit with family without my kids for the first time ever! I actually got to talk with everyone at great lengths! It was like rediscovering my relatives. Many of whom I rarely get to see. In my grandmother's belongings, my family found a handmade book I made for my grandma in one of my college graphic design classes called "Behind the Mahogany". It was titled "Behind The Mahogany" as that was the title of the book my grandmother always wanted to write about the period in her life when she and my grandfather ran a local tavern that had a very ornate mahogany wood bar. Another fun moment was when my dad's cousin served up some wine they brought back from Budapest recently. (My grandmother was Hungarian) and we stood in a circle and toasted my grandmother. I shared a story of how she visited us in West Virginia and spent the weekend drinking moonshine and eating our homemade habanero salsa wth my husband. The two of them really enjoyed themselves. At 80 something she could still hang!

I thought I would share what I read during the service. Last names were removed for privacy.

"As I was standing in my closet deciding what to wear for today’s occasion, I picked out this bright green shirt and contemplated its appropriateness. Then, I had a fleeting memory of my grandmother wearing a bright orange suit to my college graduation. It was at that moment that I decided this outfit was perfect. Grandma always loved to wear color.

My grandmother, Elisabeth Theresa was born August 27th, 1915 in Marguerite, PA to John and Mary. She had 6 sisters and one brother. She loved to sew as a young girl and wanted to design clothing. In fact, she made that orange suit she wore to my graduation herself.

In addition to her love of sewing, she also loved to cook. While Elizabeth’s two sons Arthur Jr. and Ronald were young, she and my grandfather, Arthur Sr., ran a neighborhood tavern called “The Blue Bird Cafe” on Woodville Road for 29 years.

After that, my grandmother went to work at Riverside Hospital where she organized and decorated for all the hospital banquets. But what my grandmother was most known for was cooking her Hungarian specialties. My fondest memories of my grandmother are of her cooking and sharing meals with us as a family around her dining room table.

My grandmother certainly loved her grandchildren and showered us with affection. She would often brag about us to others while in our presence making us slightly embarrassed but knowing that she was just prouder of us than we were of ourselves.

In her later years, Elizabeth and her husband traveled with their Airstream camper all over the United States. They saw the sites, made friends and shared my grandmother’s cooking with the other travelers. It was truly the highlight of their retirement.

After the death of her husband, Elizabeth decided to move to Virginia to be near her eldest son Arthur and his wife Sandy. She wanted to get away from the cold, snowy winters in Ohio. She spent the remainder of her life in Virginia. First in her own condo, then in assisted living and finally in a nursing home where she passed away in her sleep on February 21st, 2008.

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to her today."