Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snake advice

In addition to squirrels we have had a snake in the yard. A friend sent me this advice and I thought I would share:

"I've gotten since we moved here and have a creek to the left of the property and a lake behind us. CRUSHED MOTH BALLS, you don't have to crush them much just stomp them and spread around the exterior of your hard, they WILL NOT cross it, something about the smell?? Don't know but I USED to see 6-8 footers on a regular basis and I HATE SNAKES then our lawn guy told me this trick and we re-apply every 2 or 3 months. They make something called snake away but it's just crushed moth balls and it's a lot more than moth balls. We put it on the outside of the fence line so that Jake stays out of them for safety reasons."


Lanny said...


I am NOT a fan of snakes. I actually had to cancel a few of my volunteer hours because there was a snake between me and my car door. Rather embarrassing to call in and say I couldn't make it because of a snake! I'll have to try the crushed moth balls. Thanks!

Lanny said...

Too funny! I read your comment as "monKey anxieties" and thought to myself, "she has monkey anxieties? well, I guess that's normal after the squirrels and snakes she's had to deal with lately." DUH, sure wish I could read!!!

Krista said...

Abby saw a snake in the backyard just a few days ago. I may have to try this! thanks for the tip

Katie said...

Whoa, whoa whoa. Now exactly where in NOLA do you live because I do not do snakes and I'm going to need to know which neighborhoods to never ever go in again.



(delurking: love your blog!)