Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cultivating Friends

Thursday night was Mom's Night Out again. This time we spent our valuable time at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar & Restaurant on Girod in Mandeville. Again, our time together was great as usual!

However, as I reflected on the my evening the next day with my hubby I said that I just realized that I was the only blonde at that table and actually, I was the only one not "from here". Meaning I was the only one sitting at that table who is not from the Greater New Orleans area (as far as I know - hence the dark hair of all my fellow diners!) I am pretty sure all the ladies grew up here. I know most are relocated from the southshore. We even talked about private schools they attended on Thursday night.

So I tell my husband that I find that insteresting how I have found a great group of friends who are all from here. Previously, my group of friends were all transplants who have all since moved away (for one reason or another) and here I remain.

As I said before, I, unofficially, am the coordinator of our small group of women. My hubby said something that I think is very true. He said that because I am not from here and don't have family here to fall back on I cultivate my own friends. And when I find people I enjoy having in my life and find positive I hold on to them. Therefore, I cultivate my own friends.

Ladies, I say this all the time. I love hanging out with you. I am glad we are becoming more and more of a support group for each other. I just hope we can remain this close when the kids go to Kindergarten!

Cheers to great lady friends!

P.S. Squirrel #3 has been captured. Squirrel boy says that we should no longer have any more problems Let's hope not! I need my phone line repaired now!


nola said...

Yay! Glad you have some new, real friends! And that you go out without the men-folk. Jealous!

SoMo said...

I get the only blonde situation, but you are doing better than some of us. I have lived here all my life and I have maybe one friend.