Monday, April 21, 2008


My hubby, my brother and I have a joke about "free spooling!". Long story. So here is my "free spewing" post.

We finally captured the THIRD squirrel in our attic. Damn squirrel boy left the second one in the no kill trap so long it died in there. Then, he sets this one for the third guy and doesn't even bother to replenish the peanut butter. A couple days of no third squirrel and yours truly gets fed up knowing he is still up there (because I can hear him) I slap some peanut butter on the outside of the trap myself and within 5 hours I GOT HIM! I am asking for a discount due to lack of effort. Squirrel boy is not cheap . . . so My Boy is starting to talk lot more. He can say ice cream pretty clearly now and he can also eat it very quickly as well. He loves the stuff! But hates the gym daycare. Screamed quite a while tonight while I took BODYFLOW, my most favorite class . . . My boy also likes to skin his knees. He runs so damn fast on concrete and then wipes out. He has one grey front tooth from his fall from the top of the toy box to the hardwood floor and now I noticed his other tooth is chipped. I can only think it was from his double trip up at the Mandeville park. Two days in a row. Same spot on the playground. Both knees bleeding both times . . . I need to start carrying my first aid kit in my car again . . . got my flight home to Ohio for this summer. Damn, flights are so expensive now! Along with everything else . . . due to the gas of course . . . I used to fly home for $170 direct flight. Now, it was $319. At least my boy can still go free. Also, Northwest changed their "miles" program and I can't get the direct flight anymore for 25000 miles. I need 50000 now. I can get a free ticket if I want to leave at 5:30am and stop twice and travel 8 hours. Are you kidding? Not with two kids in tow . . . weather here has been incredible. . . i still hate all my insurance companies . . . trying to take more care of myself. I saw that 10 years younger show the other day and decided i can't let myself go anymore. I will be 34 this summer. I am hitting the gym again, whitening my teeth with some killer whitening sample my hubby scored at a industry convention, and trying to do mini facials at home when I can. Gotta keep on top of those wrinkles. Yet, I know very little about that crap. I just go with all the clinique samples I have in my vanity. I figure anything is better than nothing. I was using that expensive Green Cream for awhile and am almost out and probably won't buy more at $45 a pop! That was back in the days when I could afford that . . . gotta get some real work done while the kids sleep. Later.

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Lanny said...

I found two lines on my face about a week ago. I've GOT to do something about it. I'm scared I'll need spackle soon!

Your poor boy! My girl is the same way. EVERY freaking picture I've scheduled has been rescheduled (sometimes more than once) because she has a talent for getting a black eye/bruised face/bloody nose/chipped tooth for the original picture date. I swear you'd never know she's the princess that she is.

Glad the squirrels are gone. Those are some loud little things!