Thursday, April 10, 2008

Operation Good Neighbor

Mybayouvieux readers,
I received this today from a friend and thought it was important enough to share!

Hello All,
I know I've been out of touch with some of you, but this is a great reason to touch base with everyone, plus ask for a favor.

When an Iraqian joins the Iraqian military, their families immediately becomes in danger. The terrorist groups find the families and kill them. They use this tactic to deterr people from joining the military. When a man does join the military, their government quickly moves the family into a protected camp. Think about this, you or your spouse takes a job and suddenly you must move to a camp to be protected. . .

Tony is deployed to Iraq. He's smack dab in the middle of things, but he's loving every minute. He knows what he is doing is for our protection, for our freedom, and for our futures.

While he's there, he has joined another operation called "Good Neighbor." It's a group of American soldiers that go to the camps that house the Iraq families to bring them supplies. Tony is trying to arrange to forward me some of the photos taken of these camps. I will forward them as soon as I get them. He said their living conditions is extremely heart wrenching. Our soldiers take items over that will help improve their quality of life. Besides the rewarding feeling of doing something good for someone else, our soldiers benefit from these acts of kindness. Iraqies are more apt to join if they know their families are being taken care of. The more Iraq soldiers they have, the sooner they can take over, and our heros can come home.

Here's the favor. The family's have nothing. He said they don't have shoes, clothes, toy, or regular day to day items. I'm asking that you take a small box (a shoe box) and put in a few items. Maybe a few pieces of clothing your child has out grown, a shirt you don't wear anymore, a blanket, some little toys that your kids don't want, a ball, even little toys that you get from the happy meals at a fast food restuarant, just what ever you want. Even the littlest of something is something more than what they have now and they are very greatful when the soldiers offer them the items. The families know it's items sent to them from American homes, it's not a government hand out. It's our family to their family. So, if you can please mail off a little package by the end of this month. Tony will make sure it makes someone very happy.

Mail it to (no rank listed for security reasons)
Anthony Lee
APO AE 09321

Thank you!! I know it's a lot to ask especially when our daily lives are already filled with so much to do that adding another little errand is a lot to ask. I thank you, Tony thanks you, and those families thank you.

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