Saturday, August 22, 2009

Typical New Orleans

So I am reading the magazine Real Simple and there is an article "How to save money on everyday essentials." Readers submitted little blurbs about what they do to save money or cut costs.

One reader said they buy in bulk at a warehouse club and split everything with friends/neighbors. Another reader said she simply asks herself if that overpriced sugar-filled treat is really necessary for her kids.A lady from North Carolina states she just uses a little less of her detergent, shampoo, cleaning products.

So I see that one of the submissions is from someone in New Orleans. It says . . .

"I find a good price on the wines I love and buy by the case . . . it saves me from going back and forth to the wine store."

Monday, August 17, 2009

What the hell have I been doing all summer?

Well, my freelance business has picked up and withe kids home all summer it has been a challenge! Not much time to blog anymore. (Well, that and my new infatuation with Facebook)

Here are a few of my most current finished projects. Many more in the hopper!

Precision Landscape
Sal Fernandez Investigations
Landry's Heating and Air
Hopkins Dermatology
Gulf Coast Claims (still work in progress)
Evertain Retainers (redesign)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boy Presidents and Hillarys

Tonight we were reading a kids book about Dolly Madison. In the book it showed her picture among several presidents. My 6 year old asked who all the men were. I said they were all former presidents. And then the conversation went like this:

"There were a lot of boy presidents."
"All the presidents have been boys."
[She gave me a funny look]
"We almost had a girl president this past election. Her name was Hillary Clinton."
"Oh I remember her! I heard her on Disney. Wasn't she a really good singer?"
"No, honey, that is Hilary Duff."

THis is not the first time she has confused the two. READ HERE!