Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Gumbo Week

Sunday - Return home late from Ohio. I want to know who was the brilliant marketing person at United who thought of that retarded "Red Carpet Boarding" for elite members? Seriously, do you think those damn people really care about crossing your stupid red mat? Come on people! Let's get past this stupid seperation of travelers. Let's face it. Some travel more than others. Do we really need to walk on seperate mats to board because of it? Oh yeah. Have a squirrel living in attic.

Monday - Hell if I can remember what I did. Probably recovering from traveling all day Sunday: Detroit to Chicago. Chicago to DC. DC to New Orleans. I know I didn't unpack because my suitcase is still sitting in my bedroom packed as I write this. Home phone won't work. Call to get squirrel out of attic.

Tuesday - My girl's first "real" dental visit. She was scared to death but didn't show it when we got there and made her momma proud. She said, "I could go there anytime!" after we left. No cavities. Took her to Chick-Fil-A after. Ended up seeing friends there. They had to go to Wal-Mart after and so did we. That was interesting shopping together. Internet at home is fading fast. No squirrel caught yet.

Wednesday - Again, who the hell knows what I did during the day. I vaguely remember having something important to do. Choir at church for My Girl. Cheap Wednesday night dinner at the church after. POPEYE's CHICKEN! Whooeee! Couldn't miss that one! Whole family eats for $14 - meal, salad, drinks, dessert! Still trying to get that squirrel.

Thursday - Again, I think I did something. 4:30pm Kelly calls to go out on their sailboat since it was so nice. We quickly pack up and fly over to Madisonville. Take a boat ride up and down the Tchefuncte. Belly up to the Tchefuncte beach and the kids have a blast in the sand and water. Lose the dingy. Retrieve it and head back. Get home around 8pm. Guy finally gets squirrel - $165!. Still no phone and barely have internet access.

Friday - Coffee with school moms. Noon preschool pickup. Friend over till 3:30pm after school for lunch and swimming. Naps. Quick dinner and off to the Mandeville Trailhead for Friday Night Free Music. Great fun! Danced with kids and friends. Home late. Kids right to bed. Hubby and I sat outside in the perfect weather and just talked until 12:30am. Hear a second squirrel in the attic when go to bed.

Saturday - Phone guy shows up. Discovers the squirrel(s) chewed through our phone line - $95! Will come back to repair after we get the second squirrel. Squirrel boy comes on Monday to try to get this one - This time it will be $340 because have to try different method since they think there may be more than just one left. Successes: got a bathing suit and folded and put away about 7 loads of laundry!

FINAL NOTE: Oh yeah. Got our tax return this week. It's all going to the squirrels.


Greta Perry said... squirrel? I think you can eat them down here.

nola said...

Yeah, that squirrel thing pretty much goes to the top of this list. Just a rat with a pretty tail. Sorry.

Welcome home!!

Mamma said...

Damn squirrels.

SoMo said...

Hey, pets for the kids and money saved by you. Go to Internet phone and you won't have to worry about the phone line being chewed.

Krista said...

the answer to why I couldn't reach you!

missed you on Friday, we would have had a blast together! ;)

Lanny said...

Oh how I remember a squirrel family that took up residence in our attic when I was about 12. For a relatively small animal, they sure make a lot of noise!

Welcome home!

OH--did my cryptic email ever make sense? I'm all about spilling the beans if I need to. I'd want somebody to do it for me!