Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mom's Night Out

I am the unofficial home room mom of the moms from my daughter's preschool class. That means I am responsible for getting the mom's from my daughter's class together once in awhile to socialize, have coffee, etc. Kelly says I am their rock. I laugh at that. Laura gave me the title "home room mom of the moms". I laugh at that too. Here is what I do. I talk to some moms. Say, "Hey we should get together for a mom's night out or something." They all go, "Yeah! Good Idea. Sounds Great!"
So I schedule it. Big whoop.

But, apparently there is a lot of appreciation for such scheduling by the other moms. In the last two years we have become a tight knit group of moms. Very supportive. We get along quite well. No bad apples in the group. We will be sad when our kids hit kindergarten because we will all go to different elementary schools. Hopefully, we can continue to hang out together and have coffee once in awhile. We already have a date to have morning margaritas on the first day of kindergarten because it will be the first time for some of us, the last child off to school for others and well, the other moms they just will be there to support our morning drinking!

Tonight was a Mom's Night Out night. We went for mexican - er - should I say margaritas? There were only 4 of us tonight. And that was fine. We chatted, laughed, almost spit margaritas across the table and had some downright great conversations! These moms are awesome. We shared post-partum depression stories, hubby stories, 5 year old kid stories, MIL stories - whatever! The conversation didn't stop - only to read the menu to order. Which was tuff and the waiter had to keep coming back!

No matter how often we get together we always seem to learn more and more about each other. I have said this in posts previously. I am so curious about people and love to get to know them. I ask a lot of questions sometimes.

The great thing is everytime I walk away from these people I have a good feeling. I enjoy my time with them. I feel welcomed. I feel refreshed and happy.

It is good to know nice people. It is also good for this momma to get out and enjoy herself for 3.5 hours once in awhile. Thanks hubby for handling the kids while I enjoyed myself. And thanks ladies for joining me!


Lanny said...

Hmm, now I think we might be the same person, not just our girls...I'm the same mom! :) We're taking our girls to tea with us for our May gathering. We'll celebrate (and mourn) the end of their preschool days.

Thanks for the hot luvah info. I'm pretty certain that's where it came from now. She said it again today, but she wouldn't say that it came from the Backyardigans. I think she was scared I'd never let her watch tv again.

Have a great weekend!

Nola said...

Margaritas and no kids? Sounds heavenly!!!