Monday, March 10, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

I was out for my now every other day 1 mile slow jog and to make the time pass I started blogging in my head again. I can't get the recent post about Coincidence out of my head. Thanks to NolaNotes for getting me started on that one. I told her I had been giving that subject a lot of consideration for posting but it seems a hard one to tackle. I gave it a try and in a minimal amount of space. I could say so much about the subject. So here is more.

Today, I thought of another story about signs. If you are a regular reader you know that my grandmother passed away recently. I was thinking about that when I was jogging. And while I was thinking, I suddenly remembered something that happened the night before. I had to really think about the timing of the incident to make sure I was correct. After much thought I know that this happened the night before she died because my mom was in town and my husband was packing to leave for a business trip the next morning. He was gone already when we got the call about my grandma at 5:30am because his flight was at 6am.

The night before my grandma passed I was in our bathroom bathing the kids. I was at my sink filling a cup with water to rinse my daughter's hair when I noticed my shells that sit on the ledge just below my mirror were missing. I knew instantly what happened! Hubby cleaned the bathroom and threw them away! He hated those shells for some reason. I yelled for him to come to the bathroom. I asked what happened to my shells. Sure enough he casually said he threw them away. Why? I asked. Because I was trying to straighten up the sink area and they are just stupid shell pieces, he said. I became enraged but had to keep it under control because we had company and the kids were in earshot. I clenched my teeth and told him I did not appreciate him throwing out my shells without asking me. In fact, I told him he is never to throw out anything that is mine without first asking. That is just common courtesy! He seemed stunned that I was so mad and profusely apologized. He admitted he was wrong, but why so angry?

I told him those shells were collected at Virginia Beach by My Girl and I the last time we visited my Grandma. They were not only beautiful (even though they were small and some just pieces) but they were a momento of our trip to see Grandma and the time My Girl and I spent on the beach together collecting them. He felt really bad then. I actually cried about those shells and was REALLY upset.

Now, let me say, I don't get all that sentimental about things. I have lost many a thing that I at one time considered valuable but once it was gone I got over it. I was even a little confused myself why I was crying over these shells.

But, here is the odd thing. Why did I suddenly notice the shells missing that very night. The night before she died. When in fact, he had cleaned the bathroom and threw them out 5 days before? I used that sink everyday, several times a day. Why did I just notice in that instance?


Then, after my mom and I were up early in the morning after the phone call, we sat at my kitchen island sharing a pot of coffee and taking in the news we just received when she told me this . . .

"Ya know, I didn't sleep well last night. I have been here 4 nights and have slept just fine. But last night, I couldn't sleep. I suddenly woke up at 1:30 in the morning and just laid there in bed thinking."

"What were you thinking about?", I asked

"I was thinking about how your dad and I should go to Virginia to see Grandma over Easter. That we shouldn't wait for our annual trip in September."


Nola said...

I wish you had your shells and your mom and made it to Virginia.

Mamma said...

On Friday night I was driving home and all of the sudden felt the urge to call my best friend. We hadn't talked in a few weeks (which we do from time to time) but I just knew I needed to talk to her. By the time this happened it was too late to call. I got a text message on Sunday that her 38 year old brother died early Saturday morning and she had just flown out and back to CA in the same day to take care of the arrangements.

I absolutely know there's something to it.

Mamma said...

And I wish you had your shells too.

Hopefully now all seashells will be a beautiful reminder of your grandmother.

Lanny said...

I had no reason to expect my grandfather would pass away the eveing that he did, but for some reason, I turned to my mother and said, "Pepere just died, I want to go home." I was about 12 at the time, and we were visiting with friends of my parents. As we left their phone rang. The minute we walked in our house, our phone rang. Both times it was my grandmother with the news.

I too wish you had your shells!

Lanny said...

Just wanted to clarify that we aren't a family of complete morons...we didn't stick around for the first phone call to be answered, so we didn't get the news twice.