Monday, March 3, 2008

Things of interest


1. Junior League is having a Soiree to raise money for the new Children's Museum that is going to be built near Koop Drive Playground. YEAH! We so need something like that over here. Now, can someone lend me the money and land to build a Family Activity Center with batting cages, driving range, awesome minature golf, cafe/coffee house, arcade and more!

2. The Covington Fire Distric is having a bike-a-thon and safety day on May 17, 2008 from 10-3pm. 19375 Highway 36. Lots of fun, food and prizes! Call 985-892-5161 for more info.

3. I met an author at the Junior League spring market on Sunday. Not my style of book, but thought I would give him a free promo since he was out promoting his books himself. Novels of southern fiction by Darden North - A doctor whose writing you can read.

4. At the spring market we were also introduced to Juice Plus Gummies which are fruit and veggie servings squeezed into a gummie for kids to eat. My kids taste tested and love them. So if you can't get those good foods into your kids with real fruits and veggies you might want to check these out!


Lanny said...

We love Juice +. They're expensive though! It's probably psychological on my part, but Linus seems to get fewer colds when she takes them.

Anonymous said...

Juice Plus is getting a lot of bad press these days. The distributors who are selling it are violating FDA regulations and claiming it as a cure-all for everything. All the experts who have reviewed it said that it was a scam and a useless product. You really should read up on it before wasting any money. These 2 sites link to many of the reviews.