Monday, March 31, 2008

Shower by the hour

My good friend is getting married and her sister is hosting a "shower by the hour" for her. Basically, each guest is given an hour of the day on their invite and is to bring a gift that can by used during the hour given.

My hour is 4am.

I thought of linens for the bed, pillows, an alarm clock . . . but I wanted to summon some more creative suggestions!

The crazier, funnier, etc --- THE BETTER!


Nola said...

What a cute idea, but 4am is a bit hard! i think you are right on with linens. Or maybe lingerie?

Mamma said...

Oh that just screams sex toys, a copy of The Joy of Sex AND a feather boa.

Bayou Belle said...

Nola, I was thinking Lingerie too but does anyone sleep in it?

Mamma, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your answer! And I see you have your boa on in your picture! Are you also holding the Joy of Sex and we just can't see it in the photo?

Lanny said...

The lady who had either 3 or 4 AM at a shower I attended gave an empty bag. She said you should have nothing on at that hour! :O

Then she pulled out another bag that had an iced coffee maker (PJs?) in it to prepare for the waking hours.

Krista said...

ear plugs in case their spouse snores? ;)