Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm one proud momma!

Yesterday morning My Girl and I participated in the Junior League's "Stomp Out Obesity" one-mile fun run.

This was the first race My Girl has ever participated in. I was excited to introduce her to running races as I used to do them pre-kids and enjoyed the challenge myself. I wasn't expecting much from a 5 year old. We practiced a few times running down our street to the stop sign and back. It was .2 miles roundtrip and she would be exhausted by the time we got back and often stopped several times on the way. I was doing this with her more for the experience than anything. I figure introducing her to this early in life might spark a love of something that she can continue with the rest of her life if she chooses.

We decided to join two friends from school and their moms. We figured if we did it together they would have more fun and be more likely to keep going! We expected to walk most of it. Boy did we underestimate our kids!

We got our race numbers, stretched, lined up at the starting line and off we went. Of course the kids ran like crazy at first. We kept encouraging them to slow down and pace themselves. Eventually, they seemed to get the hang of pacing. They actually ran most of the way. Occasional stops to walk, but not for very long. I know My Girl would stop to walk and say, "Carry me!" and then 15 seconds later she would take off after her friends and often times blow by them determined to keep up or take the lead. I think the crowd of runners kept her motivated and a little competitive spirit came out of her!

I made a big deal about the half-way point and kept encouraging her that she was almost done and to keep going. She smiled a lot, worked hard at running and loved slapping the hands of volunteers stationed along the race route. Near the end we could see the finish line. We just had to make a loop around and we would be done. I pointed that out. She picked up her pace. I actually had to work to keep up with her. My pace is pretty slow. I yelled from a few strides behind her encouragement to keep going and not to get too fast. About 250 yards out from the finish she stopped running and walked. I told her it was ok we could walk but when we got close and I said, "Go!" we had to sprint across the line. No sooner did I finish saying that and she yelled, "Go!" and off we went and sprinted the rest of the way! She finished at 12:01 minutes. I couldn't believe it! I was so impressed. She ran 99% of the way and actually had a decent time for a first timer! The best part of it all was one of the first things she said after the race. "I'm never doing THAT again.!"

I was so proud of her I beamed the rest of the day and told everyone I ran into who would listen. I called all relatives and shared the news! She got so tired of me talking about it she told me I wasn't allowed to tell anyone else.

Sorry honey, but I am one proud momma!

The new running shoes that made it all happen!


Mamma said...

Those are some fast looking shoes.

I don't think I could do a mile that quickly.

Glad you had fun.

Lanny said...

Congrats to you both!

I cna't let Linus see those shoes. She'd just *have* to have them! Way cute.