Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Houston, we have an insurance problem!

When we moved into this house we paid $1800 a year in homeowner's insurance. I thought that hefty compared to my $300 a yr for our house in Pittsburgh. Two years after Katrina, Farmer's did us a favor and doubled our insurance to $3600 a year. Today I opened a renewal notice from ole' friendly Farmer's Insurance and now we are being charged $4500! We had $50,000 worth of damage to our house from Katrina and I guess they intend to collect that all back within 10 years.

And just to make our life even more fun, Coventry notified us last week that our health insurance is going up 38% this year. We have only been on board about a year! Thanks. Appreciate your friendliness too! A friend tells me she only pays $400 a year for a family of four with Coventry. Joined in January. We will now be paying $850 for two of us. Well, at least until I find another insurance provider. What fun!

Guess it is time to use all my precious free time that I don't really have to shop around for new health and home insurance. I hate this shit.

Any suggestions on who to shop? I am all ears.


Mamma said...

Anyone in your family military? USAA is wonderful!!!

I'm so sorry, and so angry that those companies are doing that.

Lanny said...

Insurance sucks. Sorry!

MY birthday is March 13! Linus was due March 19th. This is getting beyond real!

Nola said...

Most of NOLA is in the same boat.

Vivian said...

This is great info to know.