Thursday, September 27, 2007

My brother is for sale too!

Mamma Loves had a post yesterday about her brother for sale. It made me laugh so I would like to follow suite and offer up my brother as well.

Tall, Dark, Handsome and Athletic
37 years old
Never married
No kids
Home owner
Lives in Ohio
Enjoys being active - running, biking, working out, etc
My kids think he is funny!

Not sure if he is interested in long distance relationship, but I don't care ;-)

All interested, please email me info about yourself and a pic. I will pass along to him. Can't guarantee any interest or a response, but worth trying!

1 comment:

Greta said...

thank goodness I didn't have to put my "Loser" brother for sale. Actually, I'd sell him to the lowest bidder - lol!