Monday, December 17, 2007

My Holiday Poem

The halls are decked
The lights are strung
The house is clean
The Hungarian cookies are done.

The to-do list was long
I fretted and puffed
We worked diligently
to get all items checked off

Tis the eve of family arrival
All three are tucked in tight
Hubby has stomach flu
I hope the littlest sleeps all night

The house is silent
The dog is snoring
I take a deep breath
And apologize for this poem being so boring!

I sit here in silence
anticipating my family's arrival
and hope that we make it through
without an episode of Survivor!

He He!

Happy Holidays ya'll!


krista said...

oh no! I hope no one gets voted off the island!

cute poem! :)

Nola ( said...

Very clever!

I tagged you for a quick meme if you are in the mode...

Delilah said...

Aww, Amy! I hope your hubby is well in time for Christmas! Have a very merry one and a great New Year.