Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Got my hair chopped - $14.50 at Cuts Plus (what a bargain for how cute and sassy it is. Hubby loves seeing my neck! I went very short!)

Had a job interview - still thinking about the offer and what my counter will be.

Still working - freelance work has been lucrative and is still coming in . . . will be working all weekend.

Almost out of diapers - My Boy has been doing great with the potty training. Can't believe he has gone so many days without an accident. He took so much longer than my daughter. Now to work on getting that thumb out of his mouth. Goal is by his 3rd b-day in July.

Got a free microwave - our 26 year old microwave died. I posted on the northshore freecycle yahoo group that I was looking for a working over the range 30". Sure enough someone had one laying around they weren't using. It is 10 years newer than our old one, same exact brand and style (just newer) and fits and works perfectly! Nothing like getting something for free!

I know someone with Swine Flu - My friend B is from Mexico city. She just posted on Facebook that her dad who still lives in Mexico City has Swine Flu. Not good.

Last week of school - My girl will be finishing Kindergarten this week. It is bittersweet. She told me yesterday that in 4 more day she gets to hang out with me all summer. How sweet. I bet she changes her tune after week 1.

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Krista said...

when do we get a picture of this sassy new 'do?