Saturday, June 27, 2009

A day in the life post

Nothing specific to write about so going to talk about yesterday in general.

It was hot. But not the kind of hot we had earlier in the week. I actually wore jean crop pants and didn't feel like I was suffocating.

I had to drive across Lake Pontchartrain for a meeting in the city. It was beautiful and such a relaxing drive.

My GPS so far has been pretty accurate getting me around New Orleans. Had to use it to get to my meeting.

Got off at Claiborne and while driving west I saw all kinds of men sitting in the neutral ground under the oaks in their lawn chairs. Trying to stay cool but such a peculiar place in my opinion. For those who don't know what the neutral ground is it is what some refer to as the median. A large grassy area dividing the road. This one was particulary wide with lots of shade trees, but still an unusual site for me.

I was late to my meeting and worried about the client being angry. He was so kind and calm. I had to remind myself I am in the south.

I had a second meeting at The Bean Gallery in Mid-City. Been there before to meet the same person. I was early for this meeting. I love the architecture in that area and the college feel to the coffee house. I ate my panini and did a little people watching. Such a different crowd from where I live but it brought back memories of college and living that lifestyle. Except not everyone was college age. Still those who live that life as adults. I so wanted to join them.

Headed home and was in traffic on 10. Shot out of the traffic via the Bonnebel exit. Wanted to hit Macy's on the way home. But a quick change of mind and I stopped by my client Mary, owner of Old Town Praline & Gift Shop. I love to stop by her shop. I knew it was after closing time but thought she and her daughter might still be there. I was right.

Mary's daughter left and Mary and I sat on her church bench behind the counter and caught up. I love talking to her. She is such a neat and very intelligent person. She told me about selling her house, buying a condo and her mother. She also told me about the health problems she was experiencing lately. I got the feeling she felt like talking. Maybe it was because I was someone else that she doesn't talk to on a regular basis and not part of her family which surrounds her daily. I just listened and offered a comment or question on occasion. I wished I could have stayed longer, but had to run home for dinner. Mary sent me out the door with chocolate of course! I ate it on the way home! And I skipped Macy's.

On the way home hubby asked me to stop by the store and get bread and ice. Ice, a staple in our house.

I arrived home to the kids just sitting down to BLT sandwiches. Their first ever and they loved them! Hubby used the bread I brought home to make us each one too.

There you have it folks. A day in the life.

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Sara said...

Now, you're talkin' 'bout my 'hood. I live off Carrolton and Claiborne. Those guys sit on Claiborne all the time. They even bbq there and stuff. It is kinda weird.