Monday, September 7, 2009

Janis Joplin and Rum

Today I was listening to a Janis Joplin song. And with many songs/artists, the music reminds you of a particular moment in your life.

One time when I was home for the summer from college, my parents took me to a state park in Ohio. It was a few hours from our house and we just went for the night to get away and do something.

At this point I was finally legally able to have a drink. Although sharing a drink with my parents happened before that time. But this time I went down to the bar in the lodge with my dad and we pulled up two 1970's brown vinyl bar stools to the very small bar. We were the only patrons at the bar.

My dad ordered us two Pina Coladas with Meyer's Dark Rum. It is his favorite rum and he wanted to introduce me to it since in college about all I drank was cheap beer.

He put a few bucks in the Jukebox and played a bunch of Janis Joplin songs. Together he and I sat there listening to Janis and sipping our Pina Coladas. Sharing a right of passage and first moment - Legally drinking with a parent in an actual bar.

I don't recall what we talked about. Dad isn't much of a conversationalist. Doesn't matter. It was the atmosphere. The music. The rum. The moment.


Mamma said...

What a great combo of memories. Janis always makes me think about sitting in the sun on my friend's stoop with barely a care in the world.

LOVE Janis.

Krista said...

Piece of my Heart takes me right back to a cast party in college, with a girl singing her heart out to that song in the middle of the room, totally rocking out. Ann Noble was her name.

That might have been the same night we watched the election results when Clinton won the first time. It was definitely the same cast.