Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My 3 degrees of seperation from Crystal Bowersox

I grew up in Walbridge, Ohio. My next door neighbor was Eunice. (1st Degree)

Eunice had a son named Bob May who when I was a child used to visit Eunice often. All I remember is he was a musician, drove a van, parked it out front of her house in the stone drive, had long hair in a pony tail and was super friendly . . . always smiling and chatting with us kids. I ran the streets with all his neices and nephews. (Dave Trombly, you can stop laughing at me now . . . you know why!)(2nd Degree)

Bob was a musical mentor to Crystal Bowersox and her inspiration for the song Gray Haired Rockstar. And as the article below states he does indeed resemble David Crosby. (3rd Degree)

UPDATE: Was Bob May was in the audience seated with Crystal's dad and family on 5/26 final two performances!

There you have it Ladies & Gentlemen!

Read all about the story of Bob and Crystal in this article:
Crystal Bowersox's Musical Mentors Saw 'Idol' Hopeful's Promise Early

P.S. Thanks to my mom a huge Crystal Bowersox fan for filling me in on all this info and pointing me to the article.

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