Friday, June 6, 2008

Attention New Orleans Area Entrepreneurs!

I would like to take a moment to suggest some additions to the northshore that could make some entrepreneur very wealthy.

1. We need a mobile dog groomer. Seriously. Dog-Gone Purrfect was my go to dog groomer. She had her own truck and showed up at your house. Took the dog out to her truck for like an hour. Walked the dog back to your door and drove away! Perfect. I never had to put my hairball dogs (golden retrievers) in my car. And to top it off, it was a meer $24 per dog (large breed price) compared to others who charge around $60 or more! Someone please start this service up again and keep the prices low! I need it! DGP either moved or went out business for some reason. It wasn't from a lack of clients. I could barely get an appointment and for the last two years her voice message said she couldn't take any more new clients. This is niche area for any dog groomer looking to go out on their own!

2. And would someone get a clue that this is a very family-oriented area and put in some sort of Family Funland and make sure it has one of those awesome put-puts with the moutain, trees, waterfalls, tunnels, etc. Add go-karts, arcade, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, paint ball, batting cages, driving range - all in one stop shop. I am sorry, but current Funland on West Causeway Approach just doesn't cut it at all!

3. Speaking of family fun we need one of those cool bowling alleys that is like an adult Chuck E Cheese. Neon balls, arcade, bar with beer. Dallas has this cool place called Strikz and it rocks! I am sure it is probably a franchise. So if you got the dough and need an idea please check into a kick-A bowling alley. Again, Tiffany Lanes is not cutting it for me and the fam.

4. Another thing this stay-at-home mom community needs is a drive-thru post office/shipping center. I HATE, i repeat, I HATE draggin my kids out to run into the post office to ship a package. And then there is the line to wait in. Ugh. I want to pull up, hand my package through the window to the attendant. Wait for them to weigh and pay and go. If you could just add a chocolate shake service too that would be cool. Or better yet, Starbucks. Ship and sip. Now there's a name!

Numbers 2 & 3 would also benefit the teens and college age people who have nothing to do around here. Maybe it would keep them out of trouble. And we all know their parents have the cash to support them patronizing these places.

So come on Nola Entrepreneurs. Step up and use my ideas. I just want free passes, coffee, shipping credits, etc for giving you my expert advice. Yes, I am an expert. I live here, stay at home and have a family. So that makes me qualified!


Krista said...

diaper service. our area needs a diaper service.

Dave and Busters is a national chain that fits the "CEC for adults" bill.

and may I suggest a few of the following eateries:
In and Out
Jamba Juice
El Pollo Loco
(my husband alone could keep any one of those in business)

Bayou Belle said...

Krista, add to your list Kohl's, Anthropologie and DSW Shoe Warehouse!

rem said...

A new diaper service is coming to the NOLA area. Check out