Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I met my BFF 29 years ago

My Girl is going to kindergarten in the fall. Go back 29 years in my life to her current age and this would be the summer I met my best friend to this day - Jenny, now refered to as Jen.

I remember it pretty well.

There were a good bit of kids to play with in my neighborhood (unlike where I live now) and I remember being able to play freely up and down my street at the meer age of five. One summer day one of the other neighborhood kids informed us that a new girl just moved in. I was of course very curious as the boys in our hood out numbered the girls.

I don't remember how we ended up meeting but I do remember finding out she was my age and starting kindergarten in the fall like me. I then invited her over to play on our swingset. It was there that we decided to be best friends. And we still are to this day.

So it makes me sad to think that my daughter is at that same point in her life already. Currently, her best friend Ava has moved to another state far away. They met at age three. I wonder if this friendship will survive the distance between them. They talk of each other often despite the fact that they rarely see each other.

Regardless, I can only hope she finds a best friend as good as mine!

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Jen said...

Awww.. U just know how to make a girl cry don't ya!!!

If I remember correctly, U just rode up on your bike when I was in the yard and asked if I could play. We certainly had our memorable moments. I would live through it all over again.

It's ashamed that our kids now don't have the freedom we had!! I'm hoping our kids can find that special person we found in each other. Your certainly the best friend a girl could ask for. I just wish we were right around the corner like we used to be!!! lol.

It's a good blog girlfriend! Again, thanks for making me cry!!! lol