Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Lagniappe

- Tomorrow is girl's day and My Girl has chosen to go back to the gym and do the waterslide - just her and I. I might even let her sneak in a snack from the snack bar just because it is our special day.

- The Boy is talking up a storm! He can say a lot of 2 and 3 word sentences and I can't even keep track of what he says anymore. Just everything! The cutest is that he loves the pool and woke up from his nap yesterday asking for the pool. Sometimes he calls it "Big Pool" or "Baby Pool" but often it is just "Swim? Swim? Swim?"

- Right now we are playing airport and I am writing this quickly while I wait for My Girl to check me in

- Tree men have been here cleaning up the tree that fell during that last big storm. Had to wait until our yard dried up from all the rain. We are having 3 more trees taken out in preparation for the upcoming storm season. More money I wish I didn't have to pay!

- uh-oh, gotta go! My Girl says it is time to go through security. She needs my shoes in the basket.

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Krista said...

did she sucker you into buying a season pass, too? smart thing they did, with that free day on Monday... got my girl hooked! we were there today