Saturday, May 10, 2008

Keepin' Busy

My mom friends from my daughter's preschool class (read about them here and here) sure do keep me busy! Tuesday I called one of the mom's to see if her kid could come over to play. While he was here. Another mom from the class called to say they were going to the park and did we want to go. So we all coordinated and 4 of us met at the park after lunch and hung out all afternoon. Thursday, I decided that after a morning of cleaning I needed to get out of the house. So off to the pool we went.

Then, yesterday the moms met for breakfast at The Broken Egg. Followed by an afternoon at the Mandeville Trailhead waterspouts after we picked the kiddos up at school. Then, to end the day we met for the Friday Free Music at the Mandeville Trailhead. Closed it down at 8:30pm! What a long day for some moms with small kids! Needless to say we all needed to shower!

But what fun we had! Today I was supposed to meet one of the moms to do the Mandeville Trailhead Saturday outdoor market, but called her this morning to say I needed to stay home and get something done!

Crawfish boil tonight with hubby and his friends! I think I will fill up the kiddie pool and relax!

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