Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So tonight I tried out the new class at the gym called Zumba Fitness. I just may be hooked and love this one as much as I love BodyFlow! Bodyflow is a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates in one class set to great music. Zumba is like a spiced up Latin Jazzercise! Whooooeeee! I was movin and grovin! Talk about a cardio workout and so much fun - if you like to dance! It was right up my alley and not at all boring. I hate boring, repetitive, predictable classes.

The moves were fun, funky and sometimes even sexy!


Filomena said...

Hey Amy. You are so funny. Maybe I'll see ya at the gym soon. I've been out of the loop for awhile...sick and pregnant! Talk to ya soon.

Lanny said...

I have a friend who teaches Zumba in another state. It looks like so much fun, but I have NO rhythm. At. All. None.

Glad you like it. My friend says it is the most fun she's ever had teaching a class, and she says her abs have never looked better.

Mandi said...

Hey girl!

I know your post is from a few months back, but what gym has Zumba classes? I want to join!!