Thursday, May 15, 2008

. . . but trees cause damage

More on the storm.

So I returned home today after my previous blog about the storm to find my neighborhood was in shambles from this morning's storm. I didn't realize it was so bad while I was in an office here in the area. My electricity was out and had been all day. The kid's pool and other toys were strewn all over the yard. A small plastic box I keep on my patio in a slightly protected area was lying in the backyard and all the contents were emptied out of it. The patio umbrella I purposely laid on the ground in the corner of the patio before lasts nights storm was blown to the other side.

But it was the site of a neigbhor's house that made me sick to my stomach and brought back all the memories of our house after Katrina.

- MY House after Katrina -


nola said...

That is a sickening sight. Ugh.

Greta Perry said...

S*&%T everyone OK???

Lanny said...

Ugh! I hope everyone is ok!

Bayou Belle said...

YES! Wife was home alone. Heard cracking of tree. Thought is was near the side of the house she was in. She ran to middle bathroom. Tree obviously hit right in middle above her. Hubby says she was hysterical but fine. The house had been damaged in the back during Katrina, but current occupants didn't live there. They moved in after Katrina. Not sure if from southshore or not - meaning relocated because lost house over there. If so, I feel for them even more!

Krista said...

oh. wow. I'm so sorry for your neighbor.

and you. i knew about your house, but there's something about seeing the pictures. still gets me every time.