Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Santa, all I want is snow.

My girl was born in Pittsburgh, PA 2 days after a snow storm that closed down the city. Which is rare up north. It has to be really bad to close down the roads in a city. She has seen and played in snow. I have pictures! But, she was too young to remember. I guess it should be no surprise to me that she is hell bent on having snow for Christmas. We keep trying to tell her it that snow in Louisiana is just short of a miracle. It did snow our first Christmas down here - lightly. (2004) First time in 50 years but we were in Ohio that year. We got snowed in at my parents for a week.

So I was cleaning up and found this scrap of paper under our tree. I almost threw it out until I read it. It choked me up a bit. I placed it nicely on the tree out of brother's reach and hope Santa can make my girl's one christmas wish come true. (Note the arrow pointing at the word "Snow")

She also drew this for Santa. Not sure why the bat was included . . .


Jennifer said...

I understand you may get some snow and sleet in NOLA tonigth!

Krista said...

sounds like it's possible, although I'm hoping not. We're going to MI for Xmas, and I'll take my snow there, thanks. ;) although it would be kind of magical.

adorable letter and pic

(and is your mccain supporter ever going to guest post?)

Bayou Belle said...

Krista, McCain supporter asked to write that post. So we will see.

Santa delivered the snow today! There really is a Santa!