Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Delivered - in a big way!

If you read my post yesterday you will see that my daughter REALLY wanted snow for Christmas. Well, dear Santa delivered and in a very big way!

At 7:15am this morning my daughter came into our bedroom screaming "It is snowing! It is snowing!" I quickly got up and said, "No way." She said, "Yes it is! Everything is white!" It was then that I knew she was not lying because she wouldn't know to describe it that way. Sure enough the first glimpse I got was through the French doors to the backyard and there it was. Snow. White fluffy snow. Haven't see it in 4 years.

My daughter was beside herself with excitement. Her one Christmas wish had just come true in the most unlikely places - Louisiana. I kept telling her it would be highly unlikely that she would see snow down here and that one day I would take her to Nana's in Ohio during Jan or Feb when they are most likely going to have snow. Even they don't always get snow in December.

I called my friend L immediately and she said her boys were out rolling in it while still in their PJs. She said she had tears in her eyes. She has never seen so much snow. I called my friend K next. She too has lived here all her life and could not believe it. She too said she has never seen that much snow - and we were just at the beginning when it was just a dusting sticking only to the grass and shrubs. There was a lot more to come as the morning went on! At least 3 inches. Possibly 5!

The kids ran outside first in just their PJs, shoes and a coat. Eventually it was too cold and I had to bundle them up so they could really go out and play, make snow angels and even sled! The neighbor called and said she had a sled she only used for Christmas decoration. She left it out back for us to use. And we did! I pulled the kids down the street. A neighbor couldn't believe we had a sled and took a picture of us. It was quite funny. Being a northerner it was not a huge deal to me but I got caught up in the fact that it was so unusual for down here and the excitement of everyone around me.

I took pictures of all my neighbors houses covered in snow so I can give it to them as a gift to remember the big snow day!

L called me a little later in the morning and was very concerned about her Crepe Myrtles breaking as they were weighted down and touching the ground because of the heavy wet snow. I said, "L, just go outside and shake the snow off them and they will bounce right back up." She said, "Oh! I never thought of that. I am going out there right now and will call you back!" I just laughed out loud!

K wouldn't let her kids get on the bus or drive because she said people down here don't know how to drive in snow and she wasn't putting her kids at risk. I couldn't agree more! We had lots of accidents by 8am.

All I can say is thay my girl wished and she got it. If you don't believe in Santa you should! Maybe it wasn't December 25th but we will take the 11th.

And to all my NOLA readers here is a little tip. Don't eat the yellow or brown snow!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Jennifer said...

I AM STILL IN SHOCK!!! WOW. It snowed once (1989) when I was growing up in La.--Christmas Eve 1989 in fact

SoMo said...

OH NO, Jennifer. We had a pretty nice snow fall in 2004 on Christmas day. I remember it, because they had closed the bridge and we couldn't get to my dad's. We stayed home, had dinner with our friends down the street and played in the snow. It wasn't as much as this year, but it was just as much a miracle. Although, everyone is freaking because the next year we had Katrina. I don't think the two are connected. At least, I hope not.

Great pic at the beginning of the post.

Kelly said...

Wasn't it just crazy? I've seen snow here a few times, but NEVER so MUCH! Of course, I was still really sick, so my kids were 2 of the 5 who went to school! But, they had fun anyway!