Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday/Retirement Bash

On Saturday we celebrated my son's 2nd, my 34th, my mom's 60th and my dad's retirement all in one day. Don't feel like writing all about it. So let's just say it started at 2pm and lasted until 3:00 in the morning. Good time all around. No rain and beautiful weather! Here are some pics!

3 car garage full of people!

Dad greeting old GM buddies.

Baby pool keeps the salads cold!

Bro and I made a bouquet of old pics for mom.

My hubby who grilled 50 burgers, 30 hot dogs and 30 brats!

At one point this conversation turned to strippers. But I think they were solving the gas price crisis in this conversation.

Discussing how green the grass is.

Yup. They are still two single guys. Will someone please marry them?

Do I look like my mom?

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Anonymous said...


Great party! I guess we were the old farts leaving early when the party lasted until 3am! Cousin, Dawn