Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tony Packo's in Toledo, Ohio

Tonight my brother decided we need to do dinner at Tony Packo's. This is probably the most famous restaurant in Toledo thanks to Jamie Farr (Klinger in M*A*S*H) who mentioned the restaurant in 7 episodes. The quirkiest thing about the restaurant is that they have hot dog buns signed by famous people in special cases on the walls. Read more about the M*A*S*H connection and history here.

Tony Packo's is in what we call "Hunky Town" or the Hungarian neighborhood of Toledo. I think I told you before I am Hungarian and German. I got the German blonde hair and the huge Hungarian butt. My grandmother grew up on Genessee street which is right behind Packo's. The church she attended all her life and also where we held her memorial service in April shares a parking lot with Packo's. So naturally, the food they serve at Tony Packo's is Hungarian!

So tonight we started with Fried Green Pickles. Then, I ordered the Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Roll (aka igs in the blanket) with paprikás dumplings as my side - and of course a few spicy pickles as garnish! Here is a pic:


mimosa momma said...

Are you boobs hungarian too?

I can't believe your still not home! It seems like you've been gone forever!


nola said...

That food looks delicious. Drooling!!!!