Friday, November 23, 2007

And now this . . .

If you are a regular reader you are probably wondering why I haven't posted in so long. Well, there is good reason. I was suffering a kidney stone last Thursday and Friday and then when that passed I was back in the ER again on Sunday with numb hands and feet and difficulty walking. On Tuesday, I visited a neurologist and he thinks I have Guillian-Barre Syndrome. I spent all day Wednesday at the hospital getting a spinal tap, bloodwork, x-rays and an hour long MRI. I spent the next 24 hours lying flat.

I can walk, but my balance suffers and I tire easily. My fine motor skills suffer. I am typing this, but making many mistakes along the way.

Amazing how one day you are fine and then you wake up one morning and can't walk very well to your son's crib and once you get there you can't lift him out.

I should find out this week if GBS is the firm diagnosis. If so, I hope to start treatment quickly.


Greta said...

Please call me - worried sick!

Filomena said...

What can I do to help out? I would be more than happy to make you some dinners, clean your house, play with your children,etc. You name it! Don't hesitate for a second. OK?

In my thoughts and prayers,

Nola said...

Holy crap! I HAD been wondering. I hope you get diagnosed and treated and back to feeling well soon!

Here's sending you online chicken soup.

shokufeh said...

Yikes, so sorry. That all sounds scary.
Your physician has likely considered this, but the presentation of GBS and West Nile virus are not dissimilar, and the latter seems like a more likely diagnosis, given where you live. Not that it's any more comforting.
Good luck!

Bayou Belle said...

Actually, you are very correct and yes I had a spinal tap and they are testing me for West Nile as well. Good info!

Amy said... frightening. My prayers are with all of you! What a scary turn of events. How can I help from here? I'm so worried about you. You have been on my mind the last few days since we talked. Wow.