Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Starbucks and iTunes

For the first time and oh say . . . since I've had kids I actually walked into a Starbucks to get my coffee instead of driving thru. I saw a promotion to ask the barista about the free iTunes song of the day. So I did. I was handed a card (similar to a gift card, but paper) and it had the artist and song of the day with a picture of the artist and a code to download the song for free.

So I get home to check it out and I find this page that tells me all about this incredible marketing partnership between Starbucks and iTunes. Basically, if you have any type of iPod, iPhone or computer with iTunes software on it you can download any song you hear playing while in Starbucks. Very cool! Not available everywhere yet, but will be by 2008!

Apple you rock! Starbucks, well you know how i feel. You take my money often.

Side Note: I don't own an apple computer anymore, but I will say my first was an apple (PowerMac 6400) I loved her so . . . But, my hubby and work have taken me to the dark side with bad product design.

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