Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Jambalaya

- My BF Jen drives a Chrysler Pacifica and it is my second favorite car (behind the 2001 Saab Sport Wagon I used to drive) Anyway, Chrysler announced they are no longer going to make that vehicle anymore! I thought it was one of their best!Oh well.

- My friend Greta is organizing Operation Mardi Gras 2008. For more info go to:

- If you haven't heard about it already there is a search engine out there that is powered by people. It is called Check it out.

- My husband said the recipe for never being lonely as a mom is having two kids. He couldn't have nailed it on the head any better!

- My daughter got shy around an older boy this weekend and it was weird. She literally hid from him and would not go in the same room he was in. He is 13. She is only 4! Oh lord . . . he we go.

- My 16 month old knows how to throw his sippy cup in the sink when he is done and to pick up lint, dog hair, string, paper, etc from the floor and put it in the garbage. Teach 'em to clean early! (It wasn't intentional.)

- I am mentally preparing for the holiday craziness creeping up on us. Now, if I can just find time to undecorate from Halloween and get those decoration put away. Ugh.

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krista said...

oh-ho! you'll be in trouble with the girl! she is such a cutie! ;)