Thursday, August 9, 2007

Everyone is moving

Since Katrina, I have had 9 of my friends move out of state. None because of lose of house. One because of lose of job. The others, mostly job changes. That is how this area I live in is. Transient.

I am sad to say that another one of my good friends moved today. She moved to the Atlanta area. I am probably most sad for my daughter. She is at the age now that she really cherishs her friends and 2 of her best friends - the ones she begs to have over daily - have moved out of state in the last month. Yet, she doesn't understand moving. She keeps asking why and if I know how to get to their new house. She even asked me why they don't take their house with them and didn't seem too hot on the idea that someone else was going to be living in their house now. She then asked if we were moving too. It was sorta sad. She cried a little but I still don't think she gets it. Heck, she thought they lived out of state just because they lived on the other side of town. When returning from their house we would get to a certain intersection and she would say, "Are we back in Louisiana now?"

But I know for sure she understands friendship and will miss them dearly. And so will her mommy.

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