Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Children's Book Recommendations

I am sorta a children's book freak. I even sell Usborne Books as a home business and I love to collect children's books and read them to my children. I even aspire to write one or two in my lifetime. (BTW, the first one is written. I just need an illustrator! Any takers?)

Anyway, school is back in or starting soon and I thought I would kick-off the school year with my children's book recommendations. See my sidebar to the right for my list! (They are not Usborne books in case you were wondering.)

The kids and I have been frequenting the library every week this summer and coming home with at least 5 books and 2 DVDs each time. I am glad the library finally got some new children's books in! Three years ago when I moved here the selection sucked! I even took last summer off from visiting because I was discouraged. We have been very satisfied this year!

I hope my kids will love the library as much as I did as a kid. My girl is getting into it. My boy is too young but is starting to really enjoy looking at books. As a kid my mom took me to storytime every week at our local library. When the county built one within bike riding distance from my house imagine my delight and guess where you could find me on hot summer days! When I could drive and had my own car I would drive to the main county branch and spend HOURS there just perusing, reading, looking at everything. It never got old for me!

I guess I was kinda a nerd . . .

So tell me! What's your favorite children's book?

3 comments: said...

I was a big library-nerd kid, too!! I thought I was alone in that! :)

I'll have to give some thought (what I really mean is, try to remember) to what my favorite books were as a child... Good question!

schwartzbergj said...

I haunted my local library too and had a lot of books of my own. I loved the Oz books by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson and other writers.

I remember rereading Jean Lee Latham's Carry On Mr. Bowditch over and over.

I just adored so many books and I kept them all and keep buying and reading childrens books...


Krista said...

Hey Amy! Just now getting around to checking out your blog... fun!