Saturday, August 18, 2007

Experienced parents need reply

Ok. So my husband ran into a dilemma today that I didn't have a good answer for him when he asked how to handle it. He was at Wal-Mart with both kids. 4 year old daughter needed to go potty. They do not have a family restroom. He said the men's was incredibly disgusting and there was no way he was taking her in there especially since she had to sit. And he couldn't go in the ladies room with her. So he left the store and brought her home to go potty. What should he have done? He considered asking another mom to take her in for him, but he is very protective and said he didn't see someone he thought he could trust around to help him. So, I ask you experienced parents, what do you suggest?

Also, my son is cutting lots of teeth as I write this. Is it possible i could be feeling his pain? My teeth (especially in the back) have been hurting the last few days. Kinda like men who experience morning sickness when their wives are pregnant? Possible you think?

Be heard!

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