Wednesday, August 1, 2007

4 year old says . . .

Tonight at bedtime my daughter said,
"Daddy is the smartest daddy. He can make anything. Well, not one thing. He can't make a fanbut."
"What is a fanbut?" I ask.
"A fanbut is like a smokehouse."


Today my mom called and said my dad wasn't feeling well because it was hot at work and he might be dehydrated. She told the same to my daughter on the phone when she asked about Papa. So this conversation happens later.

"Honey, hurry up into the car."
"Because brother is sitting in the cart and it is hot out here."
"What will happen? Will he get dehydrated?"
(We get into car and I start the car.)
"Mommy, turn the air on higher. I am hot and getting dehydrated."


"Mommy why do you always go to the gym"
"Because I need to workout"
"Why? So you can get a flat stomach like mine?"



Mamma said...

Aren't there just some times you wish your kids couldn't talk?

Sounds like a hysterical kid. said...

Love the "flat like mine" stomach comment!