Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Katrina - Our Story - Part 1

April 4th, 2004 - My husband and I move to New Orleans (Mandeville/Covington area) from Pittsburgh, PA with our 14 month old daughter.


Aug. 26th - My 2.5 year old daughter and I fly to Virginia Beach, VA to meet up with my parents, brother, aunt and uncle to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday. Hubby stays behind to attend convention in NOLA for work. He will catch first flight out in morning. I am aware of Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico but believe it is going somewhere else.

Aug 27th - Attend my grandmother's 90th birthday at her assisted living facility. During party my husband arrives from airport and tells me about Katrina heading right for New Orleans. He spent the night before preparing our house by moving all outdoor furniture in, sand bagging the doors, etc. I had no idea the storm was supposed to come our way. Call the neighbors who are watching dogs for us and ask them to take the dogs with them. They couldn't. They were going to their daughter's apartment in Baton Rouge and already were taking 2 dogs.

Aug 28th - Storm is really bearing down on New Orleans. Those who were going to stay are now deciding to leave. Looking bad. Storm is taking up the entire Gulf on weather maps. I can't believe my eyes. Husband calls co-worker who agrees to evacuate our dogs with them to Tallahasee, Florida. We are staying at the beach and try to enjoy our beach time and forget about what is going on at home. Husband rents a surf board and goes surfing. Daughter spends the day in the pool with her grandparents and learns to swim with life preserver. We sneak peaks at the lobby televisions everytime we walk through. The hurricane news is everywhere we turn. I get up at 2am in the morning and sneak out of the hotel room because I can't sleep and sit in the lobby with night shift clerk, cleaning lady and security guard and watch the continuous hurricane coverage on the tv. They learn I am from that area and wish me the best.

Aug 29th - Hurricane Katrina hits Pass Christian, MS at 10am. It is 200 miles wide and we feel the effects of it tremendously.

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