Monday, August 25, 2008

A little about my boy

I seem to write a lot about My Girl. So here is a little about my boy.

1. He's two.

2. He loves pickles, raisins, apple juice and any type of meat!

3. He repeats everything we say.

4. He misses his sissy desperately when she is at school.

5. He does everything his sissy does.

6. He loves the school bus and wishes he could go on it.

7. He says, "Eh" for "yes".

8. He needs to hold my hair and suck his thumb to go to sleep.

9. He recognizes Elmo, Cars, SpongeBob, Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana and shouts with glee when he sees them anywhere or anything!

10. He is really funny and loves to make us laugh.

11. He loves to dance and actually has some moves.

12. He loves his mommy - A LOT!

13. He eats more than his sissy does.

14. He can swim with his life preserver swim suit all by himself in the pool.

15. He likes to clean up and likes things in their place. (YES!)

16. He is into cars, trucks, tractors, airplanes, etc.

17. He likes to dress up princess with sissy but always adds the boy element like using the magic wand as a sword or playing hotwheels on the floor in his gown.

18. His favorite toys right now are knex and legos.

19. He sits in sissy's car seat when she is at school (shh. don't tell her)

20. He has red curly hair.


Krista said...

i remember the hair stroking, it's so sweet! and look how long and curly his is getting! too cute!

BTW, our girls lost their first teeth within days of each other! ;)

mimosa momma said...

You have a son!? Just kidding!