Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Losing a tooth New Orleans style!

So today was My Girl's second day of kindergarten and wouldn't you know she lost her lose tooth at school during lunch. I just knew it was going to happen at school because that dang tooth was so lose! She kept trying to have me pull it out yesterday but it just wasn't ready.

Apparently, the tooth was waiting to be lost in the most New Orleans way possible - EATING A BEIGNET! Yup, my girl ate her entire lunch at school - chicken strips, mac/cheese, orange slices . . . but when she got to the beignet for dessert, that is when the tooth came out!

She said she got a little scared but the mommy volunteer took her across the hall to the office and they put her lost tooth in a little pink treasure chest for her to bring it home in. The little treasure chest said "Tooth Keeper".

My Girl was so proud she got off the bus, said "Hey mom, guess what?" and shot me a huge grin similar to this:

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