Friday, August 15, 2008

Off to school she goes!

Well, today was the official first day of Kindergarten for my oldest.

She was a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. She said she loved her teacher after spending time with her at the prescreening. So that was cool.

She got up very excited and said, "This is going to be so fun!". She got herself dressed (she normally doesn't!) and listened the first time when asked to brush her teeth and hair. She was very particular about how she wanted her hair. Kinda funny! She also didn't want anything messy in her lunch as it might get on her uniform. Chuckle!

At breakfast she told me she was going to be just like her big cousin Mia. Then, when I said, "time to go" she got scared and tried to procrastinate. Bathroom run, etc. I finally got her in the car after a brief photo opt and off we went. She wanted me to take her and walk her in the first day and she would ride the bus home and from the next day on. So I did.

When we got to her teacher she saw a few friends and a couple of new classmates. It was when I went to leave that she got weepy and clung to me. This has been a theme all summer when I take her anywhere and have to leave. But I always find out that she was fine about 2 minutes after I left. So I gave the teacher a heads up about this beforehand and she told My Girl she would hug her so mommy could go. So My Girl clung to her leg and I turned and left. It may sound harsh and sad, but really it wasn't. I know My Girl well. After going through the door I peeked back through and watched and it was less than a minute and she was fine!

So little bro and I headed back out to the car and suddenly he started crying and saying, "No car mommy!" I couldn't figure out why? He finally pointed at the buses and cried, "Go on bus!" He wanted to go on the bus! Too funny. He cried all the way home about that!

Little bro misses his sissy. He has been asking about her all day. We went to the store and when we got back in the car he said, "No home mommy. Get sissy." I told him that Sissy was at school. He kept repeating. "Sissy school. Get sissy." Then at lunch he asked, "Sissy home?" No, I told him. It was going to be awhile. He is napping now and I guarantee he asks for her when he gets up! Poor little guy is missing his friend!

I am sure Sissy is having a blast. I know her. She adjusts quickly! I am anxious to hear about her day!


Krista said...

i bet her day was great! My girl wants to ride the bus, too, but Cedarwood doesn't do buses. That makes her sad, but otherwsie she is loving 1st grade (and we are, too... except for the note home today about a case of lice in her classroom. already. fun!)

Anonymous said...


Do you know that my mom, dad and brother all referred to me as "sissy" when I was growing up? Funny..... -Dawn