Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't fight the curl.

Everyone is into super straight hair these days. I have officially decided to wait out the trend and am convinced curly will be back someday soon - hopefully.

Above you see three pictures of me. On the left is when my hair gets done for an event and takes advantage of my natural wave, body and curl. It was actually a bit straighter and done professionally that day because I was in a wedding. But by the time this picture was taken, my hair was starting to fight back.

In the middle I again had my hair done professionally for an event and this was taken at the end and it was still relatively straight. I think I do not look as much like myself in this picture. It is cute, but I am so used to body. This look is too flat for me. But, with straight you get flat . . .

In the right picture you see me in a daily picture. I did my hair myself. A normal day. Probably didn't put much time into it. Just the norm. I can tell though that I did try to round brush out some of the curl. But as you see at the bottom of my hair, my hair is again fighting back.

Recently, I was at breakfast with some girlfriends and all were talking hair straightening. I said I always wanted to try one of those expensive straightners before investing in one. Because I bought a cheap one once and it did nothing. A friend offered to let me borrow hers. I was elated. I went right home and fired it up. And guess what? I hated my hair. Same result as the cheap one.

I think straightners make my hair look coarse and dry. It always looks like I tried to straighten it and did a really poor job. I want the silky smooth look similar to the pic in the middle above. When I look at that photo I remember how long it took her to get my hair to look like that. I groan with the thought of investing so much of my limited time to my hair to get that look.

My friend tells me the reason that I might not like how the straightner is working is because I need to apply specific products and need to really take my time. Ok. Now we are talking more money and time!

So, I am giving up. I don't have the time or money to get straight her. So I decided that I won't fight the curl! Besides, just like sexy, it's gonna come back! I just know it . . .


Greta Perry said...

One of the unique things about your look is your beautiful full and wavy hair. My poor niece has extremely curly hair and spends hours of time and all of the money she earns straightening it. It kind of makes me sad.

I had page straight hair until my hormones and the "M" word came around. I am very much enjoying and embracing my new wavy hair and hope you enjoy yours!

Lanny said...

I love your hair in the pics I've seen.