Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Grocery Shopping Secrets!

Okay. My friend Leslie who subscribes to my Freebie/Deal Distribution list asked about my use of coupons and scoring deals. Unfortunately, in our area we don’t have a grocery (that I know of at least) that accepts double or triple coupons. But, here are my secrets to shopping locally. Now, I know many of my distribution list subscribers and blog readers are not local, but you might find a tip or two that can apply to you or you can try to do the same at your local stores.

1. If you go to Fresh Market near closing time (9pm I think) and order a pound or whatever of ground chuck/beef they will give you a lot more than you ordered cuz they have to throw it out at the end of the night. I haven’t done this but my friend has. I keep it in my head though in case the opportunity ever presents itself and I am going by at that time!

2. Winn Dixie runs BOGO on meat all the time. They have it for other items, but the meat is the best deal. I have been there and only purchased the BOGO deals and saved $72!!!!We stock up on meat and put it in the freezer. Then, we plan our meals around what is in the freezer. You can also combine coupons with their BOGO deals. Example: I had a coupon for $1 off a box of microwave popcorn. The same brand was BOGO. If one box cost, say, $2 and I use my coupon I can get two boxes for $1!!! I try to do this a lot!

3. When hubby is making a quick stop at Rouse’s on his way home for like one item needed he will do a “browse” of the meat area. He has found four pork chops for $2 and great weird deals like that. Also, the guys in the meat department will tell you when it is going on sale. So if you know you are going to want a steak or roast for a certain night you can ask when it will be on sale. Also, Rouse’s is now taking the internet coupons you print online. I know Wal-mart takes them and Winn-Dixie too.

4. Rouse’s on 22 has an end cap clearance rack. “Manager’s Specials” it says I think. It is up front near the self checkout/dog food aisle. Hubby and I hit that every time we are in there. I once went in to Rouse’s to grab a birthday snack for my daughter to take to school the next morning. On my way to find the juice boxes I passed the rack and found EXACTLY 20 Capris-Suns for 10cents a piece. Well, with 20 kids in Kate’s class that worked out perfectly. Apparently the boxes got damaged (I was told) and they were just trying to sell them individually. I have bought dented cans of fruit and veggies for 25 cents and lots of other great finds! You never know what will be on that rack. The manager tells me most of the time the stuff found there is either the last one of its kind or it is an item they will no longer be carrying and it is taking up shelf space elsewhere. OH! I once got large bottles of Tide detergent for $5!!! Employee said they weren’t carrying that High Efficiency one for that brand anymore and those were the last 5 bottles!!

5. Yesterday I took a few coupons to target and also printed off some Target only coupons online. I used a Target only $1 off any furniture cleaning product coupon with a Pledge $2 off any Multi-Surface spray and got the $3.87 new Multi-Surface spray for 87 cents!
Winn Dixie by the causeway bridge also has a clearance table all the time in the back by the restrooms and stock room doors. I don’t find the greatest stuff there. But I always look just in case.

6. Wal-mart often has a rolling shelve cart out in the middle of the refrigerated aisle (near the cheese) that has clearance food/seasonal items on it. I almost always find something on there at a great deal. Something that I will actually use and think is cheap! For instance, I got some fancy salad dressing that my hubby loves for 50 cents. I got a load of Hanna Montana mini guitar keychains for 25 cents each. Gave them as prizes at Kate’s birthday party. I found Stove Top Stuffing for 25 cents a box. I got 1lb bag of Starbucks coffee for $5. Recently bought several cans of Del Monte pears for 25 cents each. I’ve bought all kinds of stuff there for really cheap prices. It hasn’t been out there lately. But man, around and after the holidays it was hot! Even my hubby knows to look for that rack now. I’ve been training him ;-)

So there ya go! Have fun! I hope I gave you at least one tip you didn’t know!

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