Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tips for you all on taking advantage of freebies.

I've been posting a lot of freebies lately and started a Freebie Distribution list (if you want to be on it just send me your email address.). Mamma Loves suggested I post my tips that I recently included in one of my mass emails with two new freebies that you can also find below:

1. When you register, use a free email account (yahoo, gmail) that you don’t’ really use so you don’t get all the spam email.
2. If you use your main email, simply Unsubscribe to the first email you get from the company. Usually found at the bottom of any marketing email you get.
3. Register under your spouse’s/roommates names to get two samples. If they have an office address or you yourself have an office address you can use that works too.
For instance if it a really good sample, I will register as me to our home address. And register my hubby at his work address. But it is his own office so no biggie. I don’t recommend if you work at a big company!
4. Make sure you always UNCHECK the box that says “Yes, I would like to receive communications/newsletters/etc from that company” before you submit the form.

Free socks from Lucy Store.
Only located in certain states. Use store locater to find one in your state. Unfortunately not one in LA. Can’t be used online.

Free sample of new Caress Evenly Gorgeous™ Exfoliating Body Wash.
Be sure to check the appropriate box before you submit to get the sample.


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Pete said...

Another thing you can do if you don't want to create a new gmail account each time, is use your existing gmail account and use their "+" feature.

if your address is you can also use or and then if unsubscribing from their mailing list doesn't work, you can set up a filter (aka a "rule") in your gmail Settings area that kills e-mail sent to before you ever see it. It's a handy feature.