Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can we kill K-Ville?

Does New Orleans really need a television series about the continuing chaos after Katrina? Don't we see this drama unfold everyday on the news? Yes, filming a televsion series on location here brings in millions of dollars to the city, but it also kills (pun intended) our reputation even more! About K-Ville

Everday our local news reports on yet another murder/shooting in the city. But let me tell the rest of the world that 99% of these are occuring in a very specific area - most likely 1 or 2 zipcodes only. Basically, the same areas they occurred pre-Katrina. So please don't be afraid to visit us! Yes, occasionally a tourist is taken advantage of when visiting. Just like any other major city. Just don't be dumb. Don't walk down dark alleys at night. Don't talk to those you don't know. Don't carry your purse on your shoulder at night while out partying. Don't walk alone in the city. USE COMMON SENSE!

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