Monday, July 30, 2007

Just another example of NOLA Attitude

New Orleans columnist Chris Rose wrote this column recently "Weeds Shall Overcome". I really love his columns, but this one has been on my mind and I feel the need to comment. First of all, let me just say, I by no means expect a 71 year old woman to get out a mower and start cleaning up. Especially in this heat!

Here's the part that bothers me. What are her daughter and granddaughter doing that live with her? If they can maintain their own lot then I assume they own a mower and trimmer. Get out there and start working on the adjoining lots. Take it upon yourself to fix things. If no one else will do it, then do it yourself. If they don't like the world around them change it! Take action.

Don't have a mower, ask to borrow one. Save your money and buy one. Or maybe call up every lawn service in the phone book and ask them to volunteer their time. Yes, the weeds are probably low on the city's priority list right now. And no, homeowners are not caring for their lots like they are supposed to because they probably live out of state right now. BUT! Don't let all that stop you.

Where I live it was a VERY long time before the city started cutting our weeds along the highways/roadways and in the medians. I saw residents out there cutting themselves because they got tired of looking at it. Residents of my subdivision cut the areas skirting our subdivision and the entrance because the service that was contracted to do it was unavailable or so backed up with work they couldn't get to it. They just took upon themselves to fix something that bothered them or just needed to be done!

The woman says, "And that's what I pray for every day -- a miracle -- that one morning I come out here and sit on my rocker and it's all been cut down. And it's beautiful." Again, waiting around for SOMEONE ELSE to do something to fix the problem. Again, waiting for a handout. Again, waiting on the city. Again, waiting on the government. That is the problem in this city. Some people are just waiting for someone else to fix it.

And where are the citizens of New Orleans to help her? Why are people from Austin, TX here volunteering their time to cut the grass? Why not others from this area who have finished their recovery. It is good that Chris Rose wrote this column because now we know.

People need to take action. Fix problems themselves. Ask for help from those they know. Not just sit, pray and wait.


Greta said...

GMTA I read it too - but because it is Chris Rose and I really respect his writing - let it go. He has got sucked into the "help me because" attitude!

Anonymous said...
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bliss said...

shucks, i've known my 75-plus-years-old granny to cut her grass with the clippers--and even the scissors sometime--before she got a lawn mower. i know it's hot down there and maybe the lots are big. but a lil bit at a time will get 'er done eventually.