Monday, July 23, 2007

A perfect summer weekend

We had the all-american family weekend. We spent Saturday outside washing the cars, organizing the outside storage area. The kids played in the kiddie pools and went crazy with the sidewalk chalk on the driveway. We played 80's music really loud. We ate hotdogs with chili and shredded cheese for lunch. We had grilled chicken and a nice salad for dinner.

On Sunday hubby and I took turns sleeping late. (yes, it is possible- don't ask.) We made chocolate chips cookies late morning, grilled cheese for lunch and then headed to the pool until dinner time. It was so nice. A slight breeze and full sun! Not a cloud in the sky. Our oldest practiced her swimming skills and the youngest thought he could do everything she was doing. Lots of screaming, laughing, chasing, giggling and the like. We took two sleepy heads home and filled their bellies with burgers off the grill with big tomato slices, grilled corn, baked beans and of course watermelon! Finished off with two chocolate chip cookies with a gob of vanilla ice cream smooshed in the middle. ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!

The weather was awesome for this time of year. After two weeks (or more!) of rain everyday it was very refreshing and a lot of fun!

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