Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another day of deals!

Today I hit some garage sales. My biggest score was a FREE brand new, never worn Gap coat for my daughter. I was talking to this lady at her sale and asked if she had a coat in my daughter's size when she asked if I was looking for anything specific. She thought for a moment, said hold on and went in the house only to return with a very cute navy blue quilted coat from Gap. She said it was never worn because her daughter was really picky and didn't like it. I asked, "How much?" She said, "Just take it." I offered her a few bucks but she refused. She was just glad to just give it to someone who could use it. I took it home to find out it fit my daughter PERFECTLY and looked adorable. I was so happy as I had been looking for a coat for her that would fit well, was warm but not bulky, was cute but not dressy and most of all was inexpensive. GOT IT!

I also found a Banana Republic wool sweater & Volatile flip-flops for 50 cents! I bought my neice some American Girl books (50 cents), my daughter some great hairclips and headbands (50 cents), myself some of my favorite type of sun visors (25cents!), a great necklace for myself and a cute jeweled heart pin for my daughter who is collects pins ($1 each) and a few other choice items!

I then ventured over to Winn-Dixie for their BOGO sale. My receipt said I saved $43!

WARNING! Check your receipts! I had $5 in coupons at Wal-mart and when I got to the car I realized the lady never even scanned my coupons. I returned to the cashier to find them laying next to her cash register. She had forgotten about them when I gave them to her. So I had to go to customer service to get my $5 back. Then, I checked my receipt when I got home from Winn-Dixie and realized that they didn't give me a few of the 2nd items free. I returned to get $8.20 back! SO CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS! It seems computers and cashiers are not doing their jobs correctly!

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Melissa said...

Another reason I wish I still lived there...we could go shopping together! :-) And we could watch 25 Days of Christmas together!!!